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A large increase in the need for protein in the animal feed sector is expected in the coming years. Faced with this challenge, insect meal represents a sustainable protein source that provides qualities that go beyond a high level of protein and include an interesting amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids and a high level of amino acids that are highly digestible, in addition, they are PAPs. that have not shown negative effects in tests carried out to assess palatability.

Legislation currently allows the use of several species, considered non-pathogenic and without risk to human, animal, or plant health, for the production of feed for aquaculture: the black soldier fly, the house fly, the worm of the flour, the lesser mealworm, the domestic cricket, the tropical house cricket, and the Jamaican field cricket.

Currently, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament is in favour of approving the use of PAP from insects in the feeding of monogastric animals (poultry and pigs) and it is expected that there will be an extension in the regulation.

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