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Allocating and collaboration with high-quality suppliers is one of the core competences of NOVARTIA.

Product-Sourcing Service involves constant search for ingredients from all around the world and building up an extensive network of strong, lasting partnerships through which we ensure reliable product supply at lowest possible prices.

Our staff is at disposal for our clients to respond to their every-day necessities in finding ingredients of a desired quality and price, and in delivering where needed in a timely manner.

Import and Export

We work on both EU and international level.

Due to our long experience in organizing the entire supply chains, we are equipped to take responsibility for import/export of goods including the necessary legal procedures.

We are experts in managing logistics and customs over the world. International legislation is very heavy to follow because there are important differences among the countries ( duties, taxes, etc)

Our team is determined to provide advice and clarify any doubts of our clients.

Just in time delivery service

Providing fast and flexible service to the customers is our utmost priority. With a well-established transport network and several warehouses scattered across Europe (Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic), we are able to promptly respond to clients’ needs and to deliver within the shortest period of time. 

Customized packaging services

NOVARTIA offers customized packaging solutions to ensure maximal convenience for our clients.

Depending on the product characteristics/ client’s requirements, the products can be delivered in:


  • bulk (tipper truck, walking floor truck or silo truck)
  • big bags
  • 50kg bags
  • 40kg bags
  • 25kg bags


Under special agreements we can also provide customized labeling